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elcome to the BGI Home Page. BGI offers instrumental solutions in aerosol science and technology, ambient particulate sampling, industrial hygiene and air flow calibration. We are an ISO 9001:2008 certified company which mandates that every aspect of our work is under a strict quality standard. This includes: Design, Development, Production, Calibration Laboratory and Client Service. We are dedicated to quality, service and truth.

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[7/14] Trudi Gussman  March 1938-June 2014
[2/14] A new version of the Cyclone Calculator has been launched.
The SCC2.354® (PM2.5@8LPM)
[11/13] Slaton Casette also available in a 47mm model
[11/13] 25th Cyclone Sampler Anniversary
[6/13] BGI Introduces the SCC0.695® Personal Cyclone for Diesel Exhaust Exposure Measurement
[5/13] A new version of the Cyclone Calculator has been launched.
The Rascal for high flow rate Silica dust Sampling and the SCC0.695® for Diesel soot have been added
[5/13] BGI's commitment to the industry and neighborhood
[12/12] The spreadsheet for converting PM-10 sampling to USEPA reference conditions has been updated
[9/12] View K.R. May's handwritten manuscript on how he developed the Cascade Impactor, during WW 2.
[7/12] A.P. Buck 1937-2012
[7/12] Early demonstration of Sonic Jet Deagglomeration
[2/12] Ultra low flow addition to The Challenger® Series of Calibrators.
[1/12] NIOSH seizes the lead in sensitive Respirable Silica dust measurement with the RASCAL cyclone.
[1/12] BGI announces release of major upgrade to their line of electronic air flow calibrators.
[10/11] New exploded assembly drawing of the WDF-ll showing all parts with Part Numbers.
[7/11] David Hall has sent four additional historical reports from the Warren Spring Archive
[6/11] BGI launches its free historical Aerosol & Air Pollution technical Book Library.
[1/11] Fundamental Nanoparticle Measuring Instrument Papers found and available.

Important News

On April 15th
Mesa Labs Acquired BGI.

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"The Challenger®", "tetraCal®", "MiniPM®", "DeltaCal®" and "HiVolCal®" Instruments of BGI are "Registerd in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office".

The marks "SCC®", "VSCC®", "GK®" and "VM®" both inside an oval design and inside an arrow design are
"Registered in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office" for Cyclones and Cyclone Separators

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